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  • Q: What is the Cleansure Cleaning Software?
    A: It’s Web based organizational software made for commercial cleaning companies.
  • Q: Will I have to download any software?
    A: No, we have the software on our servers, you will just need an internet ready device.
  • Q: Who is it for?
    A: It has been designed with the cleaning/facilities management industry in mind and the organization of your team.
  • Q: How do I access the software?
    A: You can access the software anywhere you can access the internet all that’s required is an up to date web browser like Google or Firefox.
Our pledge to you is to offer great value for money and the commitment to continually keep the software up-to-date with all the latest developments in the cleaning industry.
Julian Green
CEO Cleansure

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A: Although we will gladly take onboard customers views in making better software for the future sadly we don’t offer a bespoke service at this time.
A: Information that the customer has accrued can be sent back to them by CSV file if they are going to use another system, or it can be destroyed by us and a receipt of destruction/confidentiality obtained, the account is then closed.
A: Yes we are fully insured to give our customer’s piece of mind in the unlikely event something should go wrong.
A: At this moment in time there is no option for either, until we are sure that all security measures can be overcome with belt & braces.
A: We use a ticket system for every problem you may have; so email is our preferred way, it will have its own unique number and be flagged until you are completely satisfied. But we are more than happy to talk as well on the phone.
A: By working more efficiently, although every business is different most businesses don’t realize how much they money they waste through inefficiency.

If you saved just 10% a year how much would that increase your turnover?

Unlike some systems that charge a huge sum upfront making it hard to see where or when any potential saving could be made, the Cleansure system has a low monthly price. This will make cash flow forecasts realistic & achievable and make the saving available now not in 3 years or more time.

A: At the moment it is only available in British, but we are hoping to introduce different languages very soon.
A: Payments are taken in advance, then every month from the date you signup.
A: The next bill date will be on the 1st of the month and every bill date after that.
A: No to qualify for the discounted rate the 12 month payment must be made in advance and will not be refunded with early cancellation.
A: Yes there is a 14-day cancelation period for the purchase of a plan.
A: Yes we will discount your new amount with the number of days at the higher rate then start your new plan from that day.
A: 14 days is the maximum amount of time you will have to wait.

A: We take security and keeping it up to date very serious, from the information on our servers to TLS encryption technologies to move data over the public domain. Check the locked padlock sign in your address bar when on our site.
A: We only use trusted English data centres providers that have onsite diesel generators & battery backups, fire & flood prevention measures, physical security, multiple network transit paths.
A: We guarantee 99.999% up time.
A: To get the most from the system it’s going to take more than the 2 users that are normally offered to keep the price as low as possible. Ok well you could say buy some more users, but there is a good chance the system will not save money until enough users are onboard. Why go through all that hassle, why wastes that time & money.
A: With the monthly plan there is no contract, you can cancel with no further obligation.
With a 12 month plan you receive a discount for paying upfront for 11 months.