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Judging from experience, when I speak about the cleaning industry most seem content with traditional file storage and think nothing of having rather large filing cabinets. This, in turn, is not the most cost-effective way to run a business’s these days, we like to streamline our data.

So next you think, well we have PC’s now, our data is nice and safe there. Sorry but that is wrong! All your data is not safe from hardware failure, unrecoverable hard disks or many other hardware related issues to data storage/corruption!

Some of you are now laughing, almost with a smirk on your face. You’re saying, but I use the cloud! That’s great but can anyone access your data from any device with the correct username/password. Are they organised well? Cleansure is designed for the cleaning industry and our software organises your data for you whilst allowing many more tools that assist your day to day operations. Our inbuilt tools help you with your most complicated tasks whilst tracking your progress.

So where is my data? You can think of us like this. We are a piece of software that lives on the cloud but designed with a purpose, keeping data safe whilst making it easily accessible.
We can scale servers to ensure data demands are met when you land that next big contract.

Is my data safe? Great question! Your data is encrypted at all times making it secure for all staff to use freely. Like any good software, security plays on top of our priority list. Cleaning companies need more than just bespoke software packages, they need to know their data is in safe hands.

If the above fits your requirements then look at a demo of our cleaning software here.

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