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So you have decided to invest some time and thought into commercial cleaning software. When you dig a little further  there seems to all types on offer.  Some are defiantly a universal program with a re-skin to suit a particular market though. A one size fits all package.
There’s nothing worse than seeing software with no real soul. That’s generic to fit as many applications as possible to maximise profit.
Has the software been designed for the industry by someone in the industry or by someone that cares more about computer programming.
With Cleansure cleaning business software you know that point is covered.
When I first joined the cleaning community there was little in the way of dedicated software to help. Sure if you was big enough to justify it you could get or employ your own developer. WiFi hadn’t been created yet so all those benefits  would have to wait for the future to come.
The first thing that springs to mind is ‘What features do I need’ ‘what will I use or what will my staff use effectively?’
The features of our cleaning business software  are listed below along with a brief explanation where needed.
  1. Dashboard
o Workflow pattern explained by help slides.
These are on the first screen you see to give a guide to our way of thinking.
o Easy access to a help article section.
Again on the first screen you see. Articles categorised by section and most common tittle.
o System notification, see past actions of colleagues.
o On screen session timer.
A great help if you think your about to be out of wifi range while performing a QA
o Easy navigation to each section.
o Customer details.
o Multiple customer sites.
o Express view contract/one shot work
o Express view staff assigned to customer.
o Multiple specifications for each site.
o Automatic quality audits for each specification.
o Quality audit score history.
o Attach quality audit supporting files.
o Attach files to each customer’s individual page.
o Google maps location.
  1. Work orders
o Create orders for work.
o Automatically places work in the scheduler diary.
o Record costs & notes for that work.
o Assigns workforce date, time & subcontractors.
o Diary view & view of todays & tomorrows work.
o Create a purchase orders when no labour is sold.
o Express view of costings, staff/hours, days worked, job notes.
o Link to details of work. (Entered by Work Order)
o See assignee/s for that work.
  1. Specifications
o Create multiple task & frequency based specification for each customer site.
o Choose detailed or estimated survey information input.
o Automatically creates a QA with areas chosen.
  1. Machinery
o Catalog all machinery & plant with log numbers, identifying features.
o Allocate & track to people, customers or subcontractors.
o Record PAT test due dates.
  1. Stores
o Keep a digital record of what stock you have.
o Automatically adjust stock levels.
o Record what stock went to which customer, edit on the fly.
o Apply re-stock schedules for contract/customer orders.
o Save orders for regular re-stocking.
o See which supplier supply’s which product.
o Filter suppliers.
o Multi criteria search.
Search by, order reference, company, date.
o Create CSV files for spreadsheets.
  1. Suppliers
o Contact details.
o Web links.
o Express view of products supplied.
o Google maps location.
  1. Schedules
o View work by calendar.
o View work today
o View work tomorrow.
o Filter by job type.
  1. Workforce
o Manage & edit workforce details.
o Express view of sites worked.
o Machinery allocated.
o Holiday requests & history.
o Work wear given.
o Criminal conviction record.
o DBS status & record.
o Bank records.
o Health status & Dr. information
o Availability status.
o Google maps feature.
  1. Subcontractors
o Keep a record of your subcontractors
o Assign machinery to subcontractors
o Express view of sites on.
o Express view of schedules.
  1. Contact book
o Keep Personal, Customer, Supplier & Staff details.
o Customer, Supplier & Staff details auto update.
o Google maps feature.
  1. Account Profile
o Easily cancel or swap package.
Help Desk
o Issue ticket submission direct from the software.
  1. Help Articles
o Easy to use Help articles arranged per section and totally searchable
So really yes this is just a good excuse to show you some of the features on offer with the Cleansure software in a easy to read list type format.